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D (or W) Type CNG Compressor

  • Two-throw symmetrical balanced horizontal units, throw’s alternate angle to each other 180° the inertial force balance, the piston force dis performance and running balance.
  • By the finite element analysis software simulation load compressor design the overall movement of compressor body, the compressor bo as a whole structure, uniform load transfer, the overall rigid body excellent.
  • Compressor body with windows for disassembly and inspection of crosshead, etc., to facilitate inspection and maintenance.
  • Compressor body with oil level gauge, if necessary, can be equipped with platinum thermal resistance and electric heaters, oil testing, oil interlock with the unit running.
  • With pre-lube oil pump, moving parts of a mandatory pre-lubrication to ensure a reliable operation. D type compressor can be adapted in station, mother station and standard station.