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Standard VSD Air Compressor

  • Ultra-low temperature rise design, which allows the compressor running at ultra-low frequency for a long time. Closed-loop vector control system for faster control and more precise speed control.
  • The compressor unit can still operate efficiently when the frequency is reduced by more than 50%. The pressure is stable and the pressure fluctuation is accurately controlled within 0.1 bar.
  • The figure shows a comparison of several starting methods. It can be seen that the frequency converter is slowly accelerated to start, the starting is more sta current peak is completely avoided.
  • More stable, no mechanical transmission failure: high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and screw male rotor adopt embedded-integrated sh connection structure, no gear transmission, completely eliminate gear pitting or broken teeth;
  • More energy efficient, the air end is always running at energy-saving speed.
  • More efficient and efficient permanent magnet motor + no transmission efficiency loss.
  • More comfortable, low running noise, eliminating three sources of noise: no-click bearing noise, no gear meshing noise, no coupling drive noise.
  • More compact: The permanent magnet motor is small in size and the integrated structure saves space.
  • Under the set frequency conversion pressure, the unit will automatically adjust to keep the output pressure within ± 0.1 bar, reducing unnecessary waste (the consumption increases by 7% for every 1 bar of pressure increase)

03 Advantages of Permanent Magnet Motors Compared to General Asynchronous Motors

High efficiency: Eliminates excitation system losses and improves efficiency.
It is still efficient under low load conditions: the energy efficiency of a permanent magnet motor is more than 9% higher than that of a conventional asynchron load operation, and its energy efficiency remains unchanged as the speed decreases.
Large overdrive torque: The ratio of the maximum starting torque of the permanent magnet synchronous motor to the rated torque can be more than 3 times, asynchronous motor is only 1.6 times.
The control is more stable: the corresponding time of the permanent magnet motor is <50ms, and the gas production can be adjusted in a large range in an i gas pressure is truly stable.

04 Stainless Steel Piping Design

The piping arrangement is simple and beautiful. Stainless steel piping design to effectively prevent rust in the pipeline, and avoid safety accidents caused by l pipeline.

05 More Advanced Technology. More Powerful Inverter

The standard equipment is equipped with a high-frequency reactor to reduce the high frequency generated by the inverter.
The soft start of the inverter reduces the peak current at startup, resulting in a smooth start and greatly reduced power costs.
Forced cooling of the inverter to prevent high temperature shutdown in Summer.
Standard equipment dust screen, circuit board surface coating treatment, high efficiency and durability against dirt, dust, moisture.
The special design of the heat dissipation area of the inverter ensures stable operation of the inverter under high temperature environment.
No idling occurs under any load conditions to achieve the desired power saving effect.
Quickly track changes in pressure, control pressure fluctuations within ±0.1 bar, and optimize the use of the power to accurately provide the right amount of a

06 Oil Filter

The imported brand is used to reliably filter the dirt particles in the lubricating oil to ensure the smoothness and lubrication of the oil system at 0.1 micron.

07 Air Filter

The imported brand is used to reliably remove dirt from the air. The dust particles in the air are controlled below 0.3 microns and the filtration accuracy is as h